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Victim Services:
Testimonies provided by victims and witnesses are an integral part of legal proceedings because they play a key role in determining the outcome of cases and the prosecution of offenders. In certain cases, those who testify express concern regarding their safety and well being after agreeing to, or participating in, a criminal proceeding.
These concerns are valid. That is why it is important to understand victim’s rights. Victims and witnesses are protected under the New Mexico constitution and statute. If a victim or witness receives threats of any sort, he/she should immediately contact the law enforcement agency investigating the case, the District Attorney’s Office Victim Advocacy Division, or in emergency situations, dial 911. Attempted bribery, intimidation, threats, or harassment should be reported and documented as soon as possible so immediate action can be taken.
About Victim Advocates
Every District Attorney’s office in the State of New Mexico has a District Attorney Victim-Witness specialist, or Advocate.  The Victim Advocate provides crime victims with information about the court system, notification of court hearings and offender release. The advocate often assists with Crime Victims Reparation Commission applications, provides information to crime victims regarding case status, and may accompany a crime victim to court. They provide referrals to agencies and organizations that can also help the victim get through the ordeal of being a crime victim. They also provide the prosecutors with direct trial support services.


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