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During the 2018 Legislative Session, AODA staff and the District Attorneys analzye criminal justice bills that are introduced. Each of these analyses are provided to the Legislative Finance Committee and Department of Finance and Administration analysts and in turm become a part of the official legislative analyses, or "FIR."


2018 Legislative Session

Abortion Decriminalization
HB16-264 Jan. 17

Semiautomatic Gun Modification Prohibition
HB17-264 Jan. 20

Three Strikes Enhancement
HB18-264 Jan. 17

Change Parole to Supervised Release
HB27-264 Jan. 21

Sentencing for Firearms in Non-Capital Felonies
HB29-264 Jan. 18

Extend Time Limits for Prosecution
HB33-264 Jan. 16

DWI Blood Quantums & Ignition Interlocks
HB34-264 Jan. 19

Increase DWI Penalties
HB54-264 Jan. 20

DWI Suspect Blood Testing
HB71-264 Jan. 16

Pretrial Detention Courts of Record
HB74-264 Jan. 16

Alteration of Sentence for Certain Crimes
HB91-264 Jan. 16

Local Election Act
HB98-264 Jan. 20

Child Abuse Penalties
HB100-264 Jan. 20

Increase 2nd Degree Murder Penalties
HB112-264 Jan. 17

2nd Degree Murder Time Limit
HB115-264 Jan. 16

Preprosecution Diversion Program Eligibility
HB116-264 Jan. 18

Change Firearm Violation Classifications
HB118-264 Jan. 19

Confidential Substitute Address Act
HB119-264 Jan. 17

Sentencing Enhancement for Certain Crimes
HB120-264 Jan. 18

Duty to Report Child Abuse and Neglect
HB122-264 Jan. 16

Public Safety Data Needs
HJM9-264 Jan. 18

Land Grant Fund for Public Safety, CA
HJR2-264 Jan. 15

Severance Tax Fund for Public Safety, CA
HJR3-264 Jan. 15

Federal Law to Protect Medical Cannabis
HM5-264 Jan. 18

Pretrial Detention Courts of Record
SB13-264 Jan. 16

DWI Testing Requirements
SB26-264 Jan. 19

Battery of CYFD Workers
SB38-264 Jan. 15

Presume Certain Violations as Flight Risks
SB44-264 Jan. 15

Add Domestic Violence Definitions
SB61-264 Jan. 16

Child Abuse Definition & Investigation
SB87-264 Jan. 22

Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation
SB89-264 Jan. 15

Penalties for Crimes Against Children
SB96-264 Jan. 20

Marijuana Possession, Use & Taxes, CA
SJR4-264 Jan. 20




More information will be posted following the the 2018 Legislative Session.


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