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During the 2017 Legislative Session, AODA staff and the District Attorneys analzye criminal justice bills that are introduced. Each of these analyses are provided to the Legislative Finance Committee and Department of Finance and Administration analysts and in turm become a part of the official legislative analyses, or "FIR."


2017 Legislative Session

Public Accountability Act
HB-10-264 - Jan. 20th

Close Certain Taos Magistrate Courts
HB-12-264 - Jan. 16th

Three Strikes Law
HB-13-264 - Jan. 10th

Time Limits for Crime Prosecutions
HB-14-264 - Jan. 11th

Delinquency Act Terms & Absconders
HB-16-264 - Jan. 4th

Felon In Possession of Firearm Penalty
HB-17-264 - Jan. 11th

Use of Firearm Sentencing Enhancements
HB-19-264 - Jan. 11th

25 Year-Old Convictions As Habitual Offenders
HB-21-264 - Jan. 10th

DWI Drug Metabolite Amounts & Interlocks
HB-22-264 -Jan. 5th

Born Alive Infant Protection
HB-37-264 - Jan. 6th

Deceptive Labeling of Synthetic Drugs
HB-38-264 - Jan. 11th

Sexual Offender Definitions
HB-43-264 - Jan. 4th

Sexual Offense Definitions
HB-43s-264 - Feb. 24th

Battery of CYFD Employees
HB-44-264 - Jan. 4th

Increase ChildAbuse Penalties
HB-45-264 - Jan. 4th

DWI Interlock Requirements
HB-49-264 - Jan. 18th

Felon In Possession of Firearm Penalty
HB-52-264 - Jan. 19th

Additional Felonies for Sentencing
HB-54-264 - Jan. 19th

Communication of Certain Images to Children
HB-71-264 - Jan. 12th

Reinstate Death Penalty
HB-72-264 - Jan. 14th

Sentencing of Felony DWI’s
HB-74-264 - Jan. 15th

Hate Crimes Against Law Enforcement
HB-79-264 - Jan. 12th

Investigation of Board & Care Facilities
HB-85-264 - Jan. 14th

Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act
HB-89-264 - Jan. 23rd

Bench Warrant Jurisdiction
HB-110-264 - Jan. 20th

Youthful Offender Transfer To Adult Sentence
HB-115-264 - Jan. 18th

DWI Blood Test Requirements
HB-129-264 - Jan. 21st

Medical Cannabis Research
HB-155-264 - Feb. 7th

Expand Crime of Voyeurism
HB-159-264 -Jan. 22nd

Exempt Hemp From Controlled Substances
HB-166-264 - Jan. 23rd

Use of Deadly Force Reasonable Belief
HB-168-264 - Jan. 24th

Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act
HB-181-264 - Jan. 23rd

Uniform Property Note Transfer Enforcement
HB-182-264 - Jan. 23rd

Use of Force Act
HB-214-264 - Jan. 25th

Peace Officers Survival Benefits
HB-235-264 - Jan. 27th

Child Protection Registry Act
HB-240-264 - Jan. 26th

Crimes In & Definition of Evacuation Zone
HB-246-264 - Jan. 26th

Driving Under Influence of Liquor or Drugs
HB-271-264 - Jan. 28th

Rape Kit Processing Public Awareness
HB-320-264 - Feb. 7th

Uniform Securities Violation Penalties
HB-325-264 - Feb. 7th

Protection of Vulnerable Adults
HB-326-264 - Feb. 8th

Reckless Driving Penalties
HB-328-264 - Feb. 8th

Local Approval of Medical Marijuana Locations
HB-334-264 - Feb. 8th

Sex Offense Permanent No Contact Orders
HB-353-264 - Feb. 8th

Employee Preference Act
HB-432-264 - Feb. 15th

Pets & Domestic Abuse
HB-449-264 - Feb. 16th

Fire Retardant Safety Act
HB-450-264 - Feb. 18th

Public Accountability Act
HB-462-264 - Feb. 17th

Child Abuse & Abandonment
HB-463-264 - Feb. 16th

Child Abuse & Abandonment
HB-463s-264 - Mar. 9th

Modify Crime of Concealing Identity
HB-475-264 - Feb. 17th

Public Corruption Act
HB-501-264 - Feb. 19th

Forfeiture of SVC Credit for Public Officials
HB-502-264 - Feb. 19th

DWI Interlock Requirements
HJC-HB49-264 - Feb. 23rd

Sex Assault Exam Kit Police Crime Lab
SB-7-264 - Jan. 4th

Medical Marijuana Changes
SB-8-264 - Jan. 12th

Defective Construction Project Actions
SB-14-264 - Jan. 23rd

Protection Order Exclusion Zone Project
SB-23-264 - Jan. 11th

Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets
SB-60-264 - Jan. 12th

Electronic Communication Privacy Act
SB-61-264 - Jan. 16th

Workers’ Comp Appeals Process
SB-122-264 - Feb. 7th

Crime Victim & Witness Confidentiality
SB-149-264 - Jan. 24th

Increase Crimes Against Children Penalties
SB-159-264 - Jan. 25th

Enticement of Children Penalties
SB-160-264 - Jan. 25th

Partial and Late-Term Abortion
SB-183-264 - Jan. 26th

Protection of Vulnerable Adults
SB-187-264 - Jan. 26th

Traffic Ticket County Filing
SB-191-264 - Jan. 30th

Forfeiture Changes
SB-202-264 - Feb. 5th

State Ethics Commission Act
SB-218-264 - Jan. 28th

DUI Penalties and Changes
SB-238-264 - Jan. 29th

Confidential Substitute Address Act
SB-245-264 - Jan. 28th

Confidential Substitute Address Act
SB-245a-264 - Feb. 23rd

Crime of Audit Obstruction
SB-255-264 - Feb. 7th

No Firearms for Orders of Protection Subjects
SB-259-264 - Jan. 31st

Sentencing Law Fiscal Impact Reports & Funds
SB-263a-264 - Feb. 7th

Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act
SB-278-264 - Feb. 2nd

8th Judicial District Employee
SB-287-264 - Feb. 1st

Child Abuse Homicide Review Team
SB-294-264 - Feb. 2nd

Oil & Gas Act Powers and Penalties
SB-307-264 - Feb. 5th

Additional Child Custody Proceeding Security
SB-322-264 - Feb. 8th

Child Protection Registry Act
SB-444-264 - Feb. 17th

Law Enforcement Use of Force Review Board
SB-450-264 - Feb. 21st

Merge Public Safety and Emergency Departments
SB-489-264 - Feb. 19th

Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act
SJC-SB-278 - Mar. 6th

Statutory Appellate Jurisdiction, CA
SJR-1-264 - Jan. 16th

Concealed Firearms Without A Permit
SJR-5-264 - Jan. 16th

Possession & Personal Use of Marijuana, CA

Criminal Justice Reform Subcommittee
SM-66-264 - Feb. 12th



More information will be posted following the the 2017 Legislative Session.


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