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During the 2016 Legislative Session, AODA staff and the District Attorneys analzye criminal justice bills that are introduced. Each of these analyses are provided to the Legislative Finance Committee and Department of Finance and Administration analysts and in turm become a part of the official legislative analyses, or "FIR."


2016 Legislative Session

Family Violence Extended Protection Orders
HB-27-264 - Jan. 12th

Communication of Certain Images to Children
HB-30-264 - Jan. 8th

Habitual Offender Sentencing Changes

Time Limit for Prosecuting Certain Crimes
HB-36-264 - Jan. 8th

Three Strikes Law
HB-37-264 - Jan. 6th

DWI Drug Metabolite Amounts & Interlocks
HB-44-264 - Jan. 6th

Sentencing for Certain Felonies
HB-46-264 - Jan. 10th

Firearm Transfer Act
HB-51-264 - Jan. 6th

Three Strikes Law
HB-56-264 - Jan. 7th

Child Porn Images as Individual Offenses
HB-65S-264 - Feb. 9th

Intentional Child Abuse Penalties
HB-68-264 - Jan. 14th

Intentional Child Abuse Resulting in Death
HB-69-264 - Jan. 14th

Allow use of juvenile disposition and evidence
HB-72-264 - Jan. 14th

Allow use of juvenile disposition and evidence
HB-72cs-264 - Jan. 26th

Allow use of juvenile disposition and evidence
HB-72hjcs-264 - Jan. 29th

DWI Tests, Penalties & License Revocation
HB-74-264 - Jan. 8th

Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act
HB-75-264 - Jan. 14th

State Ethics Commission Act
HB-80-264 - Jan. 10th

DWI With Revoked License Penalties
HB-81-264 - Jan. 11th

Habitual Offender Sentencing & DWI
HB-82-264 - Jan. 12th

Increase Certain DWI Penalties
HB-83-264 - Jan. 13th

Arrests without a warrant in domestic violence cases
HB-86-264 - Jan. 14th

Judgeship in the Fifth Judicial District
HB-90-264 - Jan. 14th

Background Check Reporting for Firearms
HB-91-264 - Jan. 14th

No pension for public officials
HB-96-264 - Jan. 14th

Use of Firearm Sentencing Enhancements
HB-100-264 - Jan. 14th

Adult Child Petitions for Visitation
HB-120-264 - Jan. 19th

Crimes Against CYFD Workers
HB-142-264 - Jan. 21st

Absconding From Probation or Parole
HB-181-264 - Jan. 22nd

Crime of Cargo Theft
HB-182-264 - Jan. 21st

Dual Sentencing of Youthful Offenders
HB-183-264 - Jan. 21st

Assisted Outpatient Treatment Act
HB-198-264 - Jan. 25th

Revise Second Degree Murder Penalties
HB-228-264 - Jan. 27th

Sentencing for Use of Firearm
HB-235-264 - Jan. 27th

Penalty for Sexual Exploitation of Children
HB-236-264 - Jan. 27th

Child Protection Registry Act & Fund
HB-237-264 - Jan. 28th

Public Corruption Offenses and Penalties
HB-260-264 - Jan. 28th

Bench & Arrest Warrant Notifications
HB-265-264 - Jan. 28th

Violent Misdemeanant Possession of Firearms
HB-267-264 - Jan. 28th

Forfeiture Procedures and Reporting
HB-284-264 - Jan. 29th

Convictions In Certain Courts As “Adults”
HB-296-264 - Feb. 2nd

Felon In Possession of Firearm Penalty
HB-303-264 - Feb. 3rd

Additional Felonies for Prison Earned Time
HB-305-264 - Feb. 3rd

Settlements on Civil Penalties
HB-308-264 - Feb. 4th

AG Special Excessive Force Unit
HB-322-264 - Feb. 4th

Independent Ethics Commission, CA
HJR-5-264 - Jan. 26th

Denial of Bail to Certain Defendants, CA
HJR-13-264 - Jan. 22nd

Transfer of Probation to Judicial Branch, CA
HJR-14-264 - Jan. 26th

Denial of Bail for Certain Felonies, CA
HJR-20-264 - Feb. 2nd

Denial of Bail for Certain Felonies, CA
HJR-20S-264 - Feb. 5th

Sexual Assault & Rape Crisis Center Services
SB-18-264 - Jan. 8th

Services for Victims of Human Trafficking
SB-23-264 - Jan. 15th

Protection Order Exclusion Zone Project
SB-44-264 - Jan. 14th

Misdemeanor for Child Left in Car while .08
SB-45-264 - Jan. 14th

Domestic Violence Programs for Children
SB-57-264 - Jan. 8th

Family Violence Act Extended Protection Order
SB-84A-264 - Feb. 4th

Uniform Powers  of Appointment Act
SB-91-264 - Jan. 19th

Assisted Outpatient Treatment Act
SB-113-264 - Jan. 21st

Increase DWI Penalties
SB-118-264 - Jan. 22nd

State Ethics Commission Act
SB-124-264 - Jan. 26th

Electronic Communications Privacy Act
SB-154-264 - Jan. 26th

Suspension of Concealed Handgun Licenses
SB-200-264 - Jan. 27th

Hate Crimes Against Homeless People
SB-202-264 - Jan. 26th

Convictions In Certain Courts As “Adults”
SB-257-264 - Feb. 2nd

Jail Transport to Treatment Fund
SB-260-264 - Feb. 3rd

Administration of Opioid Antagonists
SB-262-264 - Feb. 3rd

Criminal Justice Enforcement Fund
SB-274-264 - Feb. 4th

Convictions In Certain Courts As “Adults”
SB-275-264 - Feb. 3rd

Background Check Reporting for Firearms
SB-331cs-264 - Feb. 8th

Reconvene J. Paul Taylor Childhood Task Force
SJM-1-264 - Jan. 8th

Denial of Bail for Certain Felonies, CA
SJR-1-264 - Jan. 15th

Court Jurisdiction on Certain Cases, CA
SJR-4-264 - Jan. 8th

County Sheriff Term Limits
SJR-16-264 - Jan. 28th




More information will be posted following the the 2016 Legislative Session.


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